Division of Corporation Finance Issues Interpretive Guidance on the SEC’s Cybersecurity Incident Reporting Requirements6/25/2024 4:04 PMCorporate Governance; Disclosure; Securities Regulation6/25/2024 4:08 PMApproved6/25/2024 2:57 PM506
 Preparing for CDP’s New Sustainability Reporting Platform6/25/2024 3:35 PMCorporate Governance; Disclosure; Environmental/Climate Change; ESG; Securities Regulation6/25/2024 3:36 PMApproved6/25/2024 1:42 PM505
 Updated Summary of Director Education Opportunities Now Available6/20/2024 8:44 AMCorporate Governance; Audit Committee; ESG; IPOs; Shareholder Proposals; Securities Regulation6/20/2024 8:47 AMApproved6/20/2024 8:47 AM503
  Reminder to 13G Filers on Upcoming Phase-In of SEC Amendments to Beneficial Ownership Filing Deadlines5/29/2024 8:30 AMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance5/29/2024 8:41 AMApproved5/29/2024 8:32 AM502
 Eighth Circuit Establishes Briefing Schedule for SEC Climate Disclosure Rules Litigation5/24/2024 1:16 PMCorporate Governance; Disclosure; Environmental/Climate Change; ESG; Securities Regulation5/24/2024 1:20 PMApproved5/24/2024 1:18 PM501
 SEC Division of Corporation Finance Director Erik Gerding Offers Guidance on Form 8-K Disclosure of Cybersecurity Incidents 5/22/2024 11:00 PMCorporate Governance; Securities Regulation5/22/2024 10:59 PMApproved5/22/2024 10:56 PM500
 Reminder: Securities Settlement Cycle Transitions to T+1 on May 28, 20245/22/2024 6:10 AMCapital Markets; IPOs; Securities Regulation; Underwriters and Agents; Registration Statements; Registered Securities Offerings5/22/2024 6:14 AMApproved5/22/2024 6:12 AM499
 Reminder For Resource Extraction Issuers: Form SD Due September 2024 4/16/2024 2:10 PMSecurities Regulation; Disclosure; Corporate Governance; Audit Committee4/17/2024 12:17 PMApproved4/16/2024 2:09 PM498
 Updated Summary of Director Education Opportunities Available4/9/2024 1:50 PMAudit Committee; Compensation Committee; Corporate Governance; ESG; IPOs4/9/2024 1:50 PMApproved4/9/2024 1:46 PM497
 SEC Stays Climate Disclosure Rule Following Consolidation of Litigation in the Eighth Circuit3/22/2024 4:00 PMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance; Disclosure; ESG4/5/2024 2:10 AMApproved3/22/2024 3:57 PM496
 Recent SEC Enforcement Action Underscores Importance of Timely Filing of 13D/G Beneficial Ownership Reports 3/6/2024 7:10 PMSecurities Regulation; M&A; Disclosure3/6/2024 7:16 PMApproved3/6/2024 7:06 PM495
 Summary of Director Education Opportunities - Updated1/5/2024 8:16 AMAudit Committee; Corporate Governance; IPOs; Shareholder Proposals1/5/2024 1:52 PMApproved1/4/2024 7:35 AM494
 Fifth Circut Strikes Down SEC's New Buyback Disclosure Rule12/20/2023 10:00 AMCapital Markets; Disclosure; Miscellaneous; Securities Regulation12/20/2023 10:02 AMApproved12/20/2023 9:59 AM493
 SEC Stays Effectiveness of New Buyback Disclosure Rule; Fifth Circuit Denies SEC's Request for Additional Time to Correct Rules11/28/2023 6:30 AMCapital Markets; Disclosure; Securities Regulation11/28/2023 3:30 AMApproved11/22/2023 3:41 PM491
 Division of Corporation Finance Offers New Guidance on Application of the SEC’s Universal Proxy Rules Ahead of the 2024 Proxy Season11/22/2023 4:29 PMCorporate Governance; Proxy Statements and Annual Meetings; Securities Regulation; Proxy Access; Shareholder Proposals11/22/2023 4:48 PMApproved11/22/2023 4:28 PM492
 SEC Launches New Online Portal For Shareholder Proposal No-Action Requests11/6/2023 8:51 PMProxy Statements and Annual Meetings; Shareholder Proposals; Securities Regulation11/7/2023 7:18 AMApproved11/6/2023 8:48 PM490
 SEC Exempts Rule 144A Debt Issuances From Rule 15c2-11 Information Requirements11/2/2023 2:32 PMCapital Markets; Financial Statements; Private Placements; Securities Regulation11/2/2023 2:34 PMApproved11/2/2023 2:34 PM489
 SEC Rolls Out Enforcement Sweep Against Delinquent Filers Ahead of Recent 13D/G Amendments 10/31/2023 10:00 PMCorporate Governance; M&A; Registered Securities Offerings; Securities Regulation; Disclosure11/15/2023 9:02 AMApproved10/31/2023 10:05 PM488
 UPDATE: California Governor Signs Climate Legislation Into Law, But Signals Changes To Come10/11/2023 4:15 PMDisclosure; Environmental/Climate Change; ESG; Corporate Governance10/11/2023 4:14 PMApproved10/11/2023 4:13 PM487
 Updated Summary of Director Education Opportunities Available10/11/2023 3:51 PMAudit Committee; Compensation Committee; Corporate Governance; ESG; IPOs10/11/2023 3:53 PMApproved10/11/2023 3:53 PM486
 SEC Desktop Calendar 2024 - Now Available10/10/2023 2:58 PMAudit Committee; Capital Markets; Disclosure; IPOs; M&A; Securities Regulation; Underwriters and Agents; Registration Statements10/10/2023 3:00 PMApproved10/10/2023 2:59 PM485
 Preparing for a Potential Government Shutdown: Initial Impacts on SEC Operations9/29/2023 5:53 AMCapital Markets; Disclosure; IPOs; Registered Securities Offerings; Proxy Statements and Annual Meetings; Shareholder Proposals; Securities Regulation; Underwriters and Agents9/29/2023 6:24 AMApproved9/29/2023 5:53 AM484
 EDGAR Next: SEC Proposes Changes to EDGAR Filer Access and Account Management Procedures9/28/2023 3:01 PMMiscellaneous; Securities Regulation9/28/2023 3:02 PMApproved9/28/2023 2:57 PM483
 Another Batch of SEC Staff Guidance on Rule 10b5-1 Amendments8/29/2023 2:12 PMDisclosure; Executive Compensation; Securities Regulation8/29/2023 2:14 PMApproved8/29/2023 2:10 PM482
 Summary of Public Company Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules7/29/2023 9:54 AMAudit Committee; Disclosure; Corporate Governance; Securities Regulation7/29/2023 1:54 PMApproved7/29/2023 9:52 AM481
 Form 10-Q Updates and Reminders7/17/2023 10:01 PMDisclosure; Securities Regulation; Corporate Governance7/17/2023 10:02 PMApproved7/17/2023 9:55 PM480
 Data Verification Period for New ISS Environmental & Social Disclosure QualityScore Questions Open from July 10 until July 21, 2023; Companies Should Log On Soon and Validate Their Information7/11/2023 11:16 AMCorporate Governance; Disclosure; Environmental/Climate Change; ESG; Human Capital Management7/11/2023 11:19 AMApproved7/11/2023 11:15 AM479
 New Vote Reporting Disclosures Required on Form N-PX – Vote Reports Now Extend to All 13F Filers – No Longer Limited to Registered Funds7/10/2023 7:30 PMCapital Markets; Corporate Governance; Disclosure; Investment Act/Investment Advisors Act; Securities Regulation7/10/2023 7:25 PMApproved7/10/2023 7:24 PM478
 Updated Summary of Director Education Opportunities Now Available7/10/2023 11:25 AMAudit Committee; Corporate Governance; ESG; IPOs; Securities Regulation; Shareholder Proposals7/10/2023 11:29 AMApproved7/10/2023 11:28 AM477
 NYSE and Nasdaq Allow More Time for Companies to Adopt Rule 10D-1 Clawback Policies: What to Do Now6/8/2023 3:14 PMCompensation Committee; Corporate Governance; Dodd Frank; Executive Compensation; Financial Statements; Proxy Statements and Annual Meetings; Securities Regulation6/12/2023 8:13 AMApproved6/8/2023 3:18 PM476
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