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Securities Regulation and Corporate Governance


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 Technical Points To Remember When Preparing Your Form 10-K 1/12/2018 10:26 AMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance1/12/2018 10:28 AMApproved1/12/2018 10:24 AM
 SEC Staff Provides Important Guidance for Disclosure and Accounting Implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act- Practical Considerations for Reporting Companies12/23/2017 12:00 PMAudit Committee; Securities Regulation12/23/2017 12:23 PMApproved12/23/2017 11:56 AM
 PCAOB Offers Guidance To Auditors Regarding Implementation of FASB’s Revenue Recognition Standard10/25/2017 11:41 AMAudit Committee10/25/2017 11:54 AMApproved10/25/2017 11:41 AM
 SEC Approves New PCAOB Auditor Reporting Standard10/24/2017 1:03 PM10/24/2017 1:09 PMApproved10/24/2017 1:09 PM
 Corp Fin Clarifies Non-GAAP Guidance in the Business Combination Context10/18/2017 8:20 PMM&A; Proxy Statements and Annual Meetings10/18/2017 8:16 PMApproved10/18/2017 8:03 PM
 Securities and Exchange Commission Releases Public Statement on Cybersecurity9/22/2017 9:57 AMSecurities Regulation9/22/2017 10:19 AMApproved9/22/2017 9:54 AM
 NYSE Delays Implementation of Rule Change on Dividend-Related Announcements9/5/2017 10:39 AMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance9/5/2017 10:43 AMApproved9/5/2017 10:30 AM
 SEC Updates Guidance on Draft Registration Statements 8/21/2017 5:54 AMJOBS Act8/21/2017 5:54 AMApproved8/21/2017 5:48 AM
 NYSE Rule Change on Dividend-Related Announcements Made Outside Market Hours Now Effective8/16/2017 12:47 PMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance8/16/2017 12:50 PMApproved8/16/2017 12:41 PM
 Major Indices Move to Curb Multiple Class Structures8/8/2017 2:20 AMCorporate Governance; Securities Regulation8/8/2017 2:19 AMApproved8/8/2017 2:13 AM
 ISS Releases Surveys for 2018 Policy Updates8/3/2017 7:48 PMCorporate Governance; Executive Compensation; Say on Pay; Securities Regulation8/3/2017 7:50 PMApproved8/3/2017 7:45 PM
 Delaware Approves Use of Blockchain in New DGCL Amendments7/31/2017 9:20 PMSecurities Regulation8/1/2017 3:30 PMApproved7/31/2017 9:16 PM
 SEC Requests Comments on New PCAOB Auditor Reporting Standard7/28/2017 2:37 PMAudit Committee7/28/2017 2:38 PMApproved7/28/2017 2:29 PM
 SEC Warns that Securities Laws May Apply to Initial Coin Offerings and Other Digital Currency Sales7/26/2017 7:15 PMSecurities Regulation8/1/2017 3:31 PMApproved7/26/2017 7:11 PM
 SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Delivers First Public Remarks Since Confirmation7/13/2017 6:50 PMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance; M&A7/13/2017 6:51 PMApproved7/13/2017 6:44 PM
 SEC Significantly Expands Confidential Review of Registration Statements6/30/2017 6:01 PMJOBS Act; Miscellaneous6/30/2017 6:11 PMApproved6/30/2017 6:09 PM
 SEC Economist Comments on New Technologies Used by the Commission to Identify Risk, Detect Fraud and Enforce the Securities Laws6/30/2017 5:50 PMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance; Audit Committee6/30/2017 5:48 PMApproved6/30/2017 5:46 PM
 Changes Coming to Governance Provisions of New York Nonprofit Law5/22/2017 12:14 PMCorporate Governance; Audit Committee5/22/2017 12:14 PMApproved5/22/2017 12:03 PM
 Top Five Reminders for Reporting Annual Meeting Results5/11/2017 4:29 PMSecurities Regulation; Corporate Governance; Executive Compensation5/11/2017 4:30 PMApproved5/11/2017 4:24 PM
 SEC Revises Cover Page of Exchange Act and Other Forms and Revises Other Rules Under JOBS Act4/12/2017 7:49 AMJOBS Act; Securities Regulation4/12/2017 10:12 AMApproved4/12/2017 7:09 AM
 SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance Suspends Enforcement of Certain Conflicts Minerals Requirements4/9/2017 9:05 PMDodd Frank; Securities Regulation4/9/2017 9:06 PMApproved4/9/2017 9:03 PM
 SEC Adopts Amendment Shortening Trade Settlement Cycle From T+3 to T+2 (potential implications)3/25/2017 12:59 PMSecurities Regulation; M&A; Corporate Governance3/25/2017 12:59 PMApproved3/25/2017 12:54 PM
 Non-Voting Shares Make Their Public Debut and Generate Some Governance Concerns, but How Will Courts View the Structure When First Presented? 3/12/2017 1:30 PMCorporate Governance; Securities Regulation3/22/2017 6:13 PMApproved3/12/2017 1:23 PM
 SEC Adopts Requirements for Active Hyperlinks In Exhibit Indexes3/7/2017 5:13 PMSecurities Regulation3/7/2017 5:19 PMApproved3/7/2017 5:19 PM
 SEC Brings Enforcement Action for Deficient Disclosure of Financial Advisors’ Fee Arrangements 2/17/2017 7:01 PMM&A; Securities Regulation2/17/2017 7:01 PMApproved2/17/2017 6:58 PM
 Acting SEC Chair Piwowar Directs Staff to Reconsider Conflict Minerals Rule2/1/2017 9:00 AMCorporate Governance; Dodd Frank; Securities Regulation2/1/2017 8:50 AMApproved2/1/2017 8:36 AM
 Marblegate Case Overturned by Second Circuit Court of Appeals1/18/2017 4:18 PMSecurities Regulation1/18/2017 4:21 PMApproved1/18/2017 4:21 PM
 SEC Staff Grants No-Action Request Concurring with Exclusion of Shareholder Proposal On Virtual-Only Annual Meetings1/4/2017 12:52 PMShareholder Proposals; Proxy Statements and Annual Meetings; Corporate Governance1/4/2017 12:52 PMApproved1/4/2017 12:29 PM
 SEC Releases Multiple Interpretations of Interest for Foreign Private Issuers12/13/2016 6:56 AMSecurities Regulation12/13/2016 7:00 AMApproved12/12/2016 1:43 PM
 OM&A Staff Publishes Updated Guidance on Tender Offers11/20/2016 3:59 PMSecurities Regulation; M&A11/20/2016 3:59 PMApproved11/20/2016 3:38 PM
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